Evaporation Walk

I began walking with plates of evaporating liquid in 2012 as an expression of my grief. Each walk kept me putting one foot rhythmically in the front of the other as a handheld landscape formed before me. This walking experience continues to offer me the relief of a different vantage point. As the water changes state, it leaves a residue of elaborate ridges, markers of the carrying hands and feet. My previous sense of time becomes transformed in these moments, as if I am witnessing a geological event over billions of years, from aerial view.

Walking with plates of evaporating water has become an ongoing meditation that I practice today. When kindred survivors, caretakers, and grievers from around the globe walk in solidarity with me, I discover new meaning and methods. The greatest gift from this practice is connecting with diverse communities across geographic and cultural boarders. I invite you to join us on an evaporation walk as a way to actively participate in your own, unique grief journey and story.

Evaporation Walking Instructions

Accepting the loss of a loved one takes time.
Go to your kitchen and retrieve a dish that feels comfortable in your hands.
Mix water with a color that you have in your kitchen, such as beet juice, or turmeric.
Choose a color that resonates with you.
Pour some into the center of your dish until the bottom is mostly covered.
Before picking it up, focus on your breath for a moment.
Allow air to fill your lungs and then exhale without effort.
When you feel calm, pick up the dish with both hands and walk.
Do not be concerned about a destination or ending point.
Notice your feet pressing against the ground.
Take care that the water does not spill from the dish.
Carry the dish where the sun feels warm on your skin.
Notice the water washing against the inner rim, like waves breaking against shore.
Be aware of the world surrounding you, the sounds and smells it offers.
Walk until the water evaporates.